Scale for belt conveyers TPV102

Processor - controlled weightometer Processo-controlled weightometer automatically weights and records the tomage of loose material in moving on a belt conveyor. The integrating weightometer consists of one sleeper bench whitch is stepped by tensometer force sensor built-in the belt conveyor. Signal from the tensometer force sensor is first amplified and then processed in RVS027E unit.

Basic function

    semi automatic tare
    storage of daily weighted quantity
    zero setting of daily weighted quantity
    displaying of instantaneous power in t/h

Technical data

Hours power:    0,5 t/h až 10.000 t/h
Rychlost pásu:    0,02 m/s až 5 m/s
Šířka pásu:    400 mm až 1800 mm
Úhel sklonu pásu:    0° až 20°

Power supply    230V/50Hz (12 V, 24Vst)
Cover protection    IP 54
Belt speed    0,02m/s - 5m/s
Ambient temperature for weighing stand    -15 - +55°C
Ambient temperature for evaluation unit    -25až +85°C
Belt deviation angle    0° - 20°
Average measurement accuracy    ±0,5%
Output    RS 232 with communication protocol



    one analog input 0-4095 mV (12bit A/D konvertor)
    six digital opto-isolated inputs 



    one digital opto-isolated input - relay contact 2A, 230V
    on customer's demand one voltage analog output 0-4095mV (12 bit A/D convertor) or current loop (0) 4-20mA
    computer interface RS232 for a distance up to 20m or RS 485 for a distance up to 1200m
    Number of inputs and outputs can be preset on customer's demand
    Distance of weighting segment from processing unit to 1500m
    Printer connection possibility (PC standart printer)
    PC connection possibility
    Measurment and kontrol inputs and outputs (storage bin gate control, frequency converter control tec.)

Processing accuracy depends on

    constant belt speed
    uncentered cylinders
    belt homogeneity and flexibility
    belt tensioning principle