Detection of gases by indirect method in coaling

The company ZAM - SERVIS s.r.o. offers a gas detection system using an indirect measurement method.


Description of the indirect detection system:

The sensors are located outside the controlled area and the gas sample is fed to the sensor via a sampling probe with a filter through a pipe by means of a pump. The gas sample must be adjusted before entering the sensor (dust or aerosol filter, condensate removal, etc.). Other activities are similar to direct measurement, ie the output signal from the sensor is processed in the evaluation unit and subsequent activation of appropriate alarm relays.

When using the system in a high-dust area, sampling lines and probes with a filter are flushed with compressed air at regular intervals.

Sample treatment equipment is designed based on specific conditions.

Advantages of indirect detection:
  • possibility of detection in aggressive or polluted environment.
  • there is no need to test and calibrate a large number of sensors.
  • calibration of a single gas sensor for a large controlled area.
  • automatic flushing of pipes and filters with compressed air.
  • flow drop check - indication of sampling filter clogging. virtually maintenance-free operation.


Implemented project:

Detection of CO using the indirect method in coaling areas and coal bunkers

- detection of CO from 6 places by automatic sampling