DMS-32 Mine Mercaptan Indication

DMS 32 Mine Mercaptan Indication





The mine mercaptan signaling DMS 32 warns mine workers of the danger of an emergency situation in the mine using an inert aromatic substance. In the order for a new system, the number of occupied channel positions in the system is specified.






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The components of the DMS 32 mine mercaptan indication

DMS-DD Underground part serving for connection to the ground part and to MR 03/C.    
DMS-D Box, a fast closure of the  underground part.    
MR 03/C The mercaptan relay.    
DMS-PD Ground part. Equipped switchboard.    
DMS-DE Polyester box with electronics and a connecting connector, placed in DMS-DD.    
Visualisation computer Single-purposed computer running software able to visualize and archive activity of the whole system. Not included in standard shipment.